Non-Combustion 101
Powering cars without internal combustion engines

The primary choice for non combustion power of vehicles
is electricity.  Electricity created on board or charged from
a wall outlet like your cell phone.  Electricity is then used
to power an electric motor to turn the wheels.   Any
power not being used is stored in a battery, waiting to
power your next trip to the grocery store.  Now, anyone
who owns a rechargeable battery-powered cell phone
knows that there are inherent problems with these
devices...its easy for them to not work.  Batteries can lose
their charge over time, sometimes that time is five days,
sometimes five minutes.  Recharge time isn't quick,
certainly longer than a trip to the gas station.  

OK, batteries are a problem.   But they are probably the
only one.  Electric motors are quite capable Electric car
manufacturer Tesla Motors advertises 0 to 60 MPH in 3.9
seconds and a 14,000 rpm red line in their electric
roadster.  According to road and track magazine, the
quarter mile is less than 13 seconds.  That is a healthy
sports car.  So whats the problem-first its still expensive,
over $100K and it can't go far, 244 miles per charge
advertised (maybe?).  

What about hybrids?  Hybrids are interesting- the Toyota
Prius is certainly been a marketing success, but it still
uses gasoline-just less of it.  When you drive at highway
speed- your using plenty of gas, its only electric only- at
low speeds.  Its a good try and an interesting solution to
the problem.  However, there are some other drawbacks.  
There are two drive systems...more things to go wrong.  
Neither drive system is very good.  Its a compromise and
its compromised.

Were just not there yet-- lets keep trying, and trying
different things.
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