Suspension 101
Suspension design  The
various suspension designs
commonly used in automotive

Suspension setup  The
variables in a suspension setup.

Suspension tuning to improve

Steering  What happens when
you turn the wheel.
Suspension systems have a simple purpose: to allow a car to travel over
irregularities in the road surface.  The smoother the surface, the less work a
suspension needs to do.  Conversely, harsh rocky terrain with holes and hills
require more action from a suspension design.

Digging deeper we see that suspensions have another more specific
keep the wheels in contact with the ground.  This allows the forces transmitted
through the wheel to reach the road where they result in motion.  The front
wheels must be in contact with the road surface in order for the car to be able to
turn left or right.  The drive wheels, applying power, must be in contact with the
road in order to make the car move forward or backward.
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Suspension 101
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