Formula 1 - A monkey’s guide to Formula 1 cars     

In this section, we would like to discuss the sport of
Formula 1 racing.  Formula 1 is the most technically
advanced form of motorsport.  

The most interesting part of Formula 1 (according to
our monkeys) is getting behind the pit wall and digging
into the nuts and bolts of the cars themselves.  To this
end, several Formula 1 teams have been contacted
requesting a visit from our top mechanic-Mr. Monkey to
get a behind the scenes look at the world of a Formula
1 car.  Despite being assured as to his vast credentials
and mechanical abilities, Mr. Monkey has thus far been
barred from such an insider look.  Apparently, small
animals are considered a “bloody safety hazard” and
“major distraction” in the pit garage of a Formula 1

We intend to continue our efforts in this pursuit.  That
said the Internet and the vast array of books on the
topic of Formula 1 provide substantial knowledge of
how these machines tick.

Everything on a formula 1 car is built on the edge of
reliability in order to gain every last bit of performance.
Remember that Formula 1 cars do not need to be
reliable and drive 10,000 miles like a typical road car,
they have to run about 1,000 miles but they must do it
at full power.  The engineers must walk a fine line
between performance and reliability.  In effect, the
fastest car is often the car that comes closest to failure
without actually doing so.

Why Jenson Button will win the 2012 Championship


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