Bananasaboutcars.com is an automotive
website staffed by specially trained
automotive monkeys who test drive,
race and customize cars.  More
importantly, the monkeys come across
many interesting facts about cars that
like minded gearheads might want to

Here we focus on anything from the
mundane basics of how cars work to
the more technical aspects of Formula 1
racecar engineering which we find
extremely interesting- and yes we have
been exposed to gas fumes.

This is in no way the ultimate source
for automotive knowledge, there is a lot
we don't know.   We do not claim to be
experts on anything, just really curious
with  lots of free time to look stuff up
and willing to share what we find with

Remember, we are monkeys typing on
keyboards with an Internet connection,
the results of which you see on this site.

Lastly but most importantly, our
monkeys are treated with the highest
ethical standards and are all employed
voluntarily.  More importantly they have
all signed legal waivers.

Should you have any questions,
comments, or suggestions you can
email our Chief Mechanic- Mr. Monkey
seen to the right hanging on a mirror.  
Yes monkeys can and often do email!
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What We Like
The Born Free USA Primate Sanctuary is home to about
500 monkeys on 186 acres in Texas.  Their goal is to give
the monkeys the best quality of life possible with minimal
human interference.  Many of the monkeys have been
rescued from abusive or exploitative situations.
Is a beneficial program that helps cancer patients stay
connected to their classmates. Monkey in My Chair was
originally developed for pre-school and elementary aged
children who are away from school because of a cancer
diagnosis. Each child is provided with a "monkey kit" which
includes a huge stuffed monkey that takes their place in
school when they are unable to be there.  There is also a
smaller monkey that stays with the child.  All kits are sent
out at no cost to the families or hospitals.
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