Monkeys--Introduction is an automotive
website staffed by specially trained
automotive monkeys.  The monkeys all
report to our Chief Mechanic Mr.
Monkey (
see meet Mr. Monkey)

Yes but why monkeys? You may ask.  
In fact, monkeys are the perfect species
to evaluate cars.  Like humans, our
primate cousins naturally love cars, take
a trip to a drive-through safari park and
you’ll be rapidly enveloped by dozens
of curious monkeys examining (and
often removing) the various parts of
your car.  For more on where our
monkeys come from
click here.  

Monkeys have exactly the attributes
necessary to evaluative and repair cars.  
These include:  small size and flexibility
(to fit into those tight spaces between
parts) and an extra set of hands, i.e.,
their feet, to handle complex parts and
multiple tools or fasteners.
More importantly, our monkeys are here voluntarily and are trained and treated
with the highest ethical standards.  In other words they have cushy jobs with paid
overtime, vacation time and lots of fringe benefits.  Even more importantly, they
can leave any time they want --no cages here.  Signed consent forms are available
for all monkeys employed at Bananas about

We do not advocate the use of wild or captive monkeys for any purpose without
their expressed WRITTEN consent.  Please do not keep monkeys as pets or for
animal testing, monkeys belong in the wild or at an appropriate animal sanctuary
where they can live freely and happily.  If our monkeys get wind of anyone
mistreating their monkey brothers and sisters, they are likely to find you and rewire
your car.
Our staff of monkeys are ready and
willing to provide top notch product
placement and advertising for very
reasonable rates.
Contact Mr. Monkey
Mr. Monkey
Meet Mr. Monkey
our Chief Mechanic
Monkeys Species
Monkeys can find parts
and deliver them fast
facilitating a Just-in-time
inventory program,
saving money.
Our monkeys can work on any make or model car, and
they don't mind getting on their backs to do it.
Meet our Monkeys
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What We Like
The Born Free USA Primate Sanctuary is home to about
500 monkeys on 186 acres in Texas.  Their goal is to give
the monkeys the best quality of life possible with minimal
human interference.  Many of the monkeys have been
rescued from abusive or exploitative situations.
Is a beneficial program that helps cancer patients stay
connected to their classmates. Monkey in My Chair was
originally developed for pre-school and elementary aged
children who are away from school because of a cancer
diagnosis. Each child is provided with a "monkey kit" which
includes a huge stuffed monkey that takes their place in
school when they are unable to be there.  There is also a
smaller monkey that stays with the child.  All kits are sent
out at no cost to the families or hospitals.
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