Automotive Articles
Below is a list of technical articles
discussing various topics of automotive
Combustion 101  an introduction to the internal
combustion engine

Power adders  the basics of more horsepower
with add-on technology

Suspension types the various suspension system
designs and components

Suspension 101 tuning the suspension
components for better handling

Electrical How the automotive electrical system

4-wheel drive  How 4-wheel drive propulsion
Automotive Blog
This is my automotive blog on various topics.  
It is informal in structure and contains my
opinions, thoughts, views, and humor.  Enjoy!

You can also find some of our blogs at:

About us is created by
a man and his monkey-partnership for

Introducing Mr. Monkey  Bananas' chief
monkey mechanic's bio.

Non combustion  do I think that electric cars
viable, find out here.

Driven bananas  this is purely my rant on
stupid behavior in the automotive world, I
hate stupidity-it shall be ridiculed!!!

Why so many brands GM?  A way for General
Motors to reorganize.  

Coming to America, Something Special  A  
new car company is coming, see who it is.

Buying Tires, Sears Sucks! and
STS Tire Center are Awesome!

GM has their rally caps on  GM pins their
hopes on superstition.

My top 25 cars of all time-
-the cars I like and why

It's not another bad joke--A Polish supercar--
or is it
Auto Articles
Formula 1
Project cars
Combustion 101
Suspension 101
What We Like
The Born Free USA Primate Sanctuary is home to about
500 monkeys on 186 acres in Texas.  Their goal is to give
the monkeys the best quality of life possible with minimal
human interference.  Many of the monkeys have been
rescued from abusive or exploitative situations.
Is a beneficial program that helps cancer patients stay
connected to their classmates. Monkey in My Chair was
originally developed for pre-school and elementary aged
children who are away from school because of a cancer
diagnosis. Each child is provided with a "monkey kit" which
includes a huge stuffed monkey that takes their place in
school when they are unable to be there.  There is also a
smaller monkey that stays with the child.  All kits are sent
out at no cost to the families or hospitals.
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