Meet Mr. Monkey has a top notch
monkey test driver and chief monkey
mechanic:  Mr. Monkey.

Mr. Monkey is responsible for the care and
maintenance of the Bananas about
project cars.  His experience and expertise
keep all vehicles in optimal condition.  

His keen monkey skills of climbing, jumping
and swinging are often the difference
between a working car and a broken one.  

Of course Mr. monkey wears two hats here at
Bananas, actually one is a helmet.  He is our
chief test driver.   

Finally, Mr. Monkey is working on a line of Mr.
Monkey and Bananas' merchandise.

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Contact Mr. Monkey
Contact Mr. Monkey
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Our Favorite Charity
The Born Free USA Primate Sanctuary is home to
about 500 monkeys on 186 acres in Texas.  Their
goal is to give the monkeys the best quality of life
possible with minimal human interference.  Many
of the monkeys have been rescued from abusive or
exploitative situations.

We at really like what Born
Free USA is doing and support them.  We invite
our readers to check out their website and if
possible offer support as well.  If you love monkeys
as much as we do, it's an opportunity to help
monkeys directly. is not affiliated with Born
Free USA, we just like them and contribute.