Formula 1- Why Jenson Button
will win the 2012 Formula 1
Jenson Button is our prediction for the 2012 world
champion.  Ok so there has only been one race and yes
he won it, but what makes us so sure he'll win it all?  
Allow us to elaborate...

1 Jenson is already the 2009 World Champion, winning
in decisive fashion.

2 Jenson was last year's runner up, finishing ahead of
Mark Webber who had an identical Red Bull to 2011
Champion Sebastian Vettel.  

3 Jenson is light on tires.  He can make a set of tires
last longer than most; a distinct advantage with the soft
Pirelli rubber.

4 He is not a magnet for debris such as Felipe Massa's
Ferrari.  His teammate Lewis Hamilton couldn't finish a
race without first hitting Massa.

5 The McLaren MP4-27 doesn't have a stupid platypus
nose.  Not a scientific point but hey they look stupid.

6 Jenson is oozing confidence, not arrogance.  Jenson
made it clear in 2011 that he is the #1 at McLaren and
that he is a championship contender.

7 Jenson has the experience of over 200 races under
his belt, he has been around and paid his dues.

8 The main threat-Red Bull can't keep up without the
blown diffuser.

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